As attorney at law, certified specialist in copyright and media law and long time General Counsel of an international computer game company I provide legal services in all areas of civil law, especially in:

IP and IT law: license agreements, development agreements, publishing agreements, technology transfer, trademarks, patents and domains, agreements with service providers, open source code, terms of services, EULA, privacy policy etc.

Film law: artist agreements, co-production agreements, distribution agreements, lab letter, film funds, subsidies etc.

Corporate law: establishment and registrations in Germany and abroad, articles of association, shareholder agreements, contribution agreements, inter-company agreements, mergers and acquisition etc.

Labor law: employment agreements, employee stock options, phantom shares, severance agreements, termination notices etc.

Financing of all kinds: start ups, venture capital, equity rounds, mezzanine capital, seniors loans, equity kicker, liquidation preference, letter of credit, bonds, collateral agreements, crowd funding etc.

Insolvency law: prerequisites and consequences for debtors and creditors

Court proceedings in all such areas, including infringement